Thoughts Become Things

Swiss LITRAX provides advanced, innovative and environmentally conscious nano-particle technology for polymer chips, textile materials and consumer products in several industry and market sectors. Our expertise and products enable industry partners to create new markets, increase competitive edge, become more profitable and outperform competition. We focus on “thoughts that ultimately become engineered things”.
With extensive R&D support and distributed production capabilities, Litrax offers innovative solutions to product development challenges against a backdrop of rapidly changing production, environmental and consumer requirements. LITRAX core technologies are available and affordable. LITRAX – Thoughts become Things

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LITRAX is an innovative, environment-conscious producer and vendor of high-quality functional nanoparticles, polymer chips, performance fibers and filaments in cooperation with worldwide partners.
Materials are based on organic, mineral, engineered molecules and biodegradable sources. LITRAX successfully builds and expands a strong position as partner for advanced functional textiles, high-performing fabricates and products. By continuous monitoring and improvement of our operations and selected alliances we ensure that LITRAX products and services meet or exceed the most stringent customer requirements for innovation, function, quality and flexibility. Customers, partners and suppliers strongly benefit from a close partnership with LITRAX, strengthening their global product & brand positioning.