Thoughts Become Things

Swiss LITRAX provides advanced, innovative and environmentally conscious nano-particle technology for polymer chips, textile materials and consumer products in several industry and market sectors. Our expertise and products enable industry partners to create new markets, increase competitive edge, become more profitable and outperform competition. We focus on “thoughts that ultimately become engineered things”. With extensive R&D support and distributed production capabilities, Litrax offers innovative solutions to product development challenges against a backdrop of rapidly changing production, environmental and consumer requirements. LITRAX core technologies are available and affordable. LITRAX – Thoughts become Things
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The L2 THERMO Masterbatch imparts exceptional warming characteristics to polyester fabrics. Enhanced with proprietary thermally active natural additives, L2 THERMO offers extremely rapid warming as much as 13.8°C within 10 minutes. L2 is achieving increasing recognition as an essential component for warming textile applications.

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LITRAX fibers are extruded in the heart of Europe. For many years LITRAX has been collaborating with high quality fibre producers in Germany, where quality, consistency and reliability are guaranteed.

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LITRAX works closely with an international network of quality chemical spinners and its LITRAX Performance Technology is licensed to selected partners in several continents, including the Americas, Europe and Asia.

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Safer Chemicals

About Sustainability and the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry

Concerns about the negative environmental impacts of the textile industry are rapidly growing and it is the responsibility of this sector to focus on reducing ecological effects and to convincingly show that it is committed to ensuring environmental sustainability. This means that the ecological footprints of both existing and new product sectors should be closely reviewed.

Are our current textile technologies capable of delivering truly environmentally sustainable production?

Can bio-cotton be considered as "green" when it requires extensive land areas and massive amounts of water and fertilizer to grow?

Are recycled PET materials green?

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Research & Development

Partnered with Research and Technology Institutes in Europe and Asia, LITRAX delivers innovative solutions to key industry challenges. The international multidisciplinary capacity for and research and development allows LITRAX to introduce new high performance functional materials and additives.

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LITRAX delivers both nano particles and chips. LITRAX Nano Solutions provide dry functional blends or single custom designed nano materials in powder form. Depending on the application, these additive blends combine with different thermoplastics

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LITRAX transforms a wide number of organic, mineral and manmade engineered materials and molecules into nano particles and powerful additive solutions for products with strong performance.

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Textiles & Products

LITRAX performing masterbatches combine performing additives - made of organic, chemical and mineral substances - with various natural and man-made fibers and filaments, in various polymer forms.

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As a Litrax client, your organization has entrusted to our care certain confidential data. We recognize that your relationship with us is based on trust, and that you expect us to act responsibly. Because our clients' data is private information, we hold ourselves to the highest standards in its safekeeping and use. We care about confidentiality.


Swiss LITRAX provides advanced, innovative and environment-conscious nanotechnology for polymer chips, materials and consumer products in distinguished markets throughout various industries. Our goal and expertise is to enable our industrial partners worldwide creating new markets...

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LITRAX is an innovative, environment-conscious producer and vendor of high quality functional nano particles, polymer chips, performance fibers and filaments in cooperation with worldwide partners. Materials are based on organic, mineral, engineered molecules and biodegradable sources

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