Felix has over 15 years of experience international business development and management of component sales companies. Prior to the foundation of LITRAX he served as Divisional Manager in a swiss cables company. In 2002, the former semiconductor company OptoSpeed hired him for building up a distribution network in Asia within 3 months. Some of the Optospeed spin-offs are teaming up with LITRAX TECHNOLOGY in Taiwan.

Felix Stutz, Founder

In 1987, Felix co-founded and managed Meditron srl Italy, a subsidiary of Meditron Switzerland. He subsequently served as President and CEO until the company was sold to private investors in 1994.

From 1989 until 2000, Felix held various senior positions, first at swiss surgery device manufacturer Meditron AG, followed by a swiss-italian fiberoptic connector company, Diamond SA, and a italian automotive component supplier, MES in Stabio.

For 8 years he was responsible for worldwide fiberoptic business development at Huber+Suhner, a Swiss-based wireless and optical component manufacturer, where he contributed to a spectacular growth rate.

Felix has lived and worked in 3 continents and holds a degree in international business. He speaks 6 languages, is a happy single parent of 3 kids and enjoys playing classical piano and hammond jazz organ of the 50s. On thursday nights, you may find him at the "Louis Bar" in Lucerne.

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