No need to eat garlic for an increased blood circulation or prevent varicose veins. L7 FIR-HEALTH increases the blood circulation and flux like no other addtivive. Carfully engineered, with a selection of highly effective minerals, L7 activates the blood flux in critical areas, assisting the early prevention of a large number of circulation problems and symptoms. The target area is gently warmed, the body’s natural far infrared rays are reflected and healthy negative ions are released to the body, assisting natural stamina and health…


  • L7 releases and reflects far infrared rays (F.I.R.)
  • Fabrics with L7 FIR Particles increase Health and Wellbeing
  • L7 assists the Prevention of Cardiovascular Challenges
  • Ideal for Office Wear, Home Wear and Fitness-phobic people

  • L7 Nano Additives have a multitude of Functions
  • Far Infrared Emission helps keeping the body pleasantly warm
  • The Nano Particles release Negative Ions that helps improving Blood Flux
  • Varicose Veins, Rheumatism, Muscle and Joints pains are among the perfect Target Applications for the L7 FIR - HEALTH Technology
  • L7 has Positive Health Effects
  • L7 is a sustained Circulation Activator

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