LITRAX transforms a wide number of organic, mineral and manmade engineered materials and molecules into nano particles and powerful additive solutions for products with strong performance. The ability to use a wide area of materials for specific target functions enable us to grow into a global, competitive solution house with a distinctive masterbatch and functional product portfolio.


LITRAX chips virtually anything on demand. We create functional Polyester, Polymide, Polyurethane, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, ABS and other polymer masterbatches.


For textiles, films, foams, 3D prints and other semi-fabricates we create strong performing additives that combine excellently or in some case greatly enhance or modify the function and performance of the primary polymer chip.

Individual Solutions

Specific performance needs are our daily business, no matter how wild they are. We design, sample, produce and deliver individual solutions right to your door. Our L-series products (L2 to LX) are based on the industries most widely needed performance needs.

Explore LITRAX solutions and take advantage of our standard or custom designed technologies for your added value and increased competitiveness.

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LITRAX delivers both nano particles and chips.
LITRAX Nano Solutions provide dry functional blends or single custom designed nano materials in powder form.

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Textile Applications

LITRAX performing masterbatches combine performing additives - made of organic, chemical and mineral substances - with various natural and man-made fibers and filaments, in various polymer forms.

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Research & Development

With powerful and globally extended R&D laboratories, partnered with some of the most prestigious Research and Technology Institutes in Europe and Asia, LITRAX delivers mind-blowing solutions to...

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