Research & Development

With powerful and globally extended R&D laboratories, partnered with some of the most prestigious Research and Technology Institutes in Europe and Asia, LITRAX delivers mind-blowing solutions to challenges in key industries and helps creating new markets and applications. The international multidisciplinary capacity for innovation and research allows LITRAX to develop functional materials and additives with a high innovative and creative touch.

Research is done in multiple steps:

1 We first brainstorm and create a totally new idea based on the "Thoughts become Things" principle, or we analyse the market and then work out ideas to cover a particular need.

2 Then our project team searches for suitable solutions or teams up with the best partnering Institute to study existing materials compatible with the idea, or simply create a new technology that supports the target solution.

3 Lab scale production and field tests, combined with the clients expertise, will then form the launching platform for marketability.

4 LITRAX constantly reinvests over 10% of the annual revenues in the development of new technologies and additives.

5 LITRAX makes its core technologies available and affordable to almost anyone.

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