Textile Applications


LITRAX performing masterbatches combines performing additives - made of organic, chemical and mineral substances - with various natural and man-made fibers and filaments, in various polymer forms (e.g. PET, RPET, PA6)


Textile applications include architecture, automotive, fashion, home textiles, interior, and furnishing. Performance textiles can have one or combine a multitude of functions such as warm up, cool down, moisture wicking, skin care, absorb or indicate UV, insulation, increased blood flow, absorb odour, anti-bacterial, just to name a few.

LITRAX creates the appropriate functional nano powder or master batch (chip) for such performance. Performing Fibers and Yarns are subsequently produced with partnering spinners around the globe.

Spinning Options

Textile products include spinning POY, FOY, DTY, DDY and texturising, covering and air texturing, made in conjunction with selected partners around the globe. Design and create your performance yarn of choice through the LITRAX pool, or through your own supply chain, thus your preferred spinning partner.

Textile Partnerships

On demand, we also bring you together with fabric producers in the country of choice, or simply team up with your preferred fabric partner, in order to ensure continued best quality supply chain for your marketing operations.

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